Eat My 2 Cents

Friday, November 25, 2005

Ironic Huh?

Because I haven't posted much lately due to family business I will make a double post for the day :) Well, let's be honest was not planning on it but when you see a news story titled "Bear Attacks PA Hunter After Being Shot, Then Dies" you just have to click right? First off yes sadly the bear dies. I mean that is just plain frustrating. No, I am not a card carrying PETA member but it's like that movie you have been dying to see and then the ending is so sad and damn disappointing you just scream out in frustration. LAdder 49 anyone?? The poor bear gets shot 4 times, somehow summons the strength to bite it's attacker in both legs then dies. Is it mean that I was routing for the bear? The man is armed with a high power rifle and still the bear gets his chomp on. Sure he dies afterwards but damn give the bear some credit.

My favorite part of this story is how the hunter tries to sound all brave during the interview but comes off sounding like a punk. Rest in peace my bear friend.

And for Mr. Beauchamp the hunter, may your gun stick, your meat rot and may the boy scouts you "teach" ridicule you for years to come.

Happy Thanksgiving

A day late and a turkey short. I do want to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving. I love Thanksgiving because it is the most unpretentious holiday. There are no gifts to buy, no heavy decorations, no fake office parties, just honest thanks. It is sad how heavily commercialised every holiday has become and I am sure Thanksgiving will certainly become that way eventually but for now I will thoroughly enjoy the simplicity of the holiday and enjoy the time I get to spend with my family.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Is it me or does this not make sense?

Our elected senators have confronted the heads of major oil companies to demand an explanation as to why they have posted record profits while Americans have been hit with extremely high gas prices and are expected to have record high heating bills this winter. What exactly was their profit you ask? Well maybe you should sit down first. 32.8 billion dollars. Yes that is billion with a b and yes I said quarterly profits. That is not the year end profit markings but the quarterly. So while us Americans have been struggling to find ways to afford the gas to get back and forth to work and while people in New Orleans and other hurricane stricken areas have been burying their dead and trying to find a way to rebuild their lives the oil companies have raked in 32.8 billion dollars.

Their explanation for this when asked why they are posting such high profits during such a tremulous time was and I quote "Petroleum earnings go up and down from year to year and are in line with other industries when compared with the industrys enormous revenues." This is my favorite part and again I quote "It would be a mistake, said Raymond, for the government to impose punitive measures hastily crafted in response to short-term market fluctuations. Almost makes you want to laugh if it wasn't so serious. Basically they are saying their profits go up and down just like any other company but if you try and look into it problems may arise.

And when the senators suggested that the oil companies funnel some of those huge profits into a program that would help lower income families pay for their heating this winter I think you can imagine the awkward silence which was followed by "As an industry we feel it is not a good precedent to fund a government program,” said James Mulva, chairman of ConocoPhillips. Yeah, it is a bad idea because god forbid you lose any of your profits to help families who may have to decide on whether to feed their children or keep them warm. That would be such an awful idea to help them wouldn't it.

This is big business in America. Doesn't matter who you step on and crush as long as at the end of the quarter you have billions of dollars in the pot.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

On A Lighter Note

I saw the headline for this story and literally did a double take. Of course I had to click on it to make sure that the title "Woman stuffs bra with stolen parrot" was not some tricky wording to get you to read it, which it would have worked obviously. So I start to read this story and realize no, there is no tricky wording. The woman actually stole an expensive parrot form the pet store she works in and stuffed it in her bra!!

Okay two questions come to mind, well more then two but lets address two here for times sake. First off, how do you get the idea of stealing a parrot and what genius would then get the idea to stick it in your bra? Wouldn't that hurt? And how about the parrot-sized lump in your shirt? Did you not think that would be noticed?? Did the Florida sun scramble your brain and does your next plan involve stealing an elephant and hiding it your pants?

Now here is the scary part. The woman actually made it out of the store unnoticed and tried to trade the parrot for a vintage car but with a twist only seen in movies the owner of the car was friends with the parrots rightful owner! Eureka! Eventually the woman was charged with grand theft after the did a dna test, yes that is right a dna test, on the parrot to prove who was the rightful owner.

Okay this leads me to my second question. First off, I am a woman and I have to say speaking for myself and all the woman I know who range in sizes no one has room in their bra for a parrot and no one can imagine having something like that go unnoticed. Wouldn't it move around, possibly even squawks??? Anyways so my last question is how damn big was that woman's chest that not only could she shove a parrot in her bra but said parrot would go unnoticed?!?!?!

Friday, November 04, 2005

I hate this feeling

I witnessed a crime yesterday. Two men attacked my neighbor while she was in her garage. Besides the fear she is okay. I can't get over this feeling. It was 6 in the evening and she was in her garage and two men tried to assault her. They ran off when she started screaming and neighbors came out. The police took 20 minutes to arrive and by then the men could literally have been in another state. I have never spoke to my neighbor before last night and I feel bad about that.

I came home this morning after running some errands and for the first time I was scared. I am afraid in my home now and that pisses me off. I want to hurt someone for taking away the one place where I felt safe and secure. The worst part is my children were also a witness to this. So far they don't show any signs of being too affected but I am watching and keeping an eye on if their behavior changes. This is what has come of the world now where woman and children especially are not safe anywhere.

I saw a man this morning sitting on a step and after a few minutes he got up and walked away. He didn't look like my neighbor but I couldn't see his face that well because he was wearing an oversized hoodie. I didn't leave my car until he was more then halfway down the street.

I am afraid and I am angry and I don't know what to do about it.