Eat My 2 Cents

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Much Ado About Nothing

Okay here is my first nothing post. My Seinfeld post if you please. No particular subject. No news story to comment on. Definitely no Hollywood bull to laugh at.

Today I am just tired. Tired of listening to people whine and complain about every stupid thing except the things that really matter. I am tired of people treating others like dirt because they don't fit the mold of what they think is acceptable. And please spare me the dirty looks when I call you out on it.

Life is much more complicated then it needs to be. Everything has an issue to be dealt with. Got a job? Well here is the miracle to reduce your stress! Overweight, here is the magic bean pill! Single? Browse our love ads because our commercial makes you feel inadequate! Oh get over it already. It's life damn it and it isn't perfect and you'll still be a sucky person whether you are fat or thin, rich or poor, married or single. Just get over it!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Arab Companies in Charge of American Ports?

Read the above article. Click on it and read. There are two reasons why I am amazed. First is, how can our government be that ignorant. And you know they knew this would not go over well with the public because no one has heard a whiff of this information. Which brings me to my second point of amazement, How come hardly anyone has heard of this??

Now I must say I live in one of the areas where the ports are going to be taken over so my opinion may be somewhat biased. I don't think that is a bad thing. Seriously consider the possible ramifications of this decision. Our government, our post 9/11 government, is handing over the security of several American ports to an Arab owned company which is known to have supported terrosits. Admittedly there is no proof that this specific company has had any relationship with terroists. Even so, this choice makes absolutely no sense. And why be so secrete about it? Why haven't even the governing body of those states heard anything concerning this?

Sometimes I wonder if it is at all possible for our country to think of anyone or anything other then the bottom line when it makes decisions. If anyone thinks this decision is based on anything other then money you are a fool. Our government just sold our security to the lowest bidder.
Welcome to America.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Thank you Bruce Willis

I never expected to say those words but in this case they fit. Along with, Oprah Winfrey is a hypocrite. First off, I read James Frey's novel, A Million Little pieces. I read it before all the "shocking allegations". The book is a great book. Were the facts indulged? Who knows. If they were indulged was it Frey or his publisher that created the madness? Who cares. I thnk people are so ridiculous with all of this! Out of every person who has lied, cheated and stole in this world, Oprah is going to turn on Frey? How does that make any sense.

Oprah has interviewed Clinton, Tom Cruise and Chappelle. She allowed them to grossly understate, or overstate in Cruise's case, whatever issue they were on for. She didn't call them out or try to belittle them. Instead she brings Frey back on her show in an attempt to "show her displeasure at being lied to". Bull

I think Oprah is a coward who only attacked Frey for ratings and to save her book club but never had the courage to ask the real tough questions when it mattered. Instead she used her show to manipulate and humiliate a relatively new to the spotlight writer to make herself look so high and mighty. Instead, in my book, she made herself look like a fool.

And for Mr. Frey, despite the hypocritical statements about your work, your book was a wonderfully written story, whether true or fictional or somewhere in between, that touched my heart and will stay with me. Which is much more then Oprah or many other people can say.