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Monday, October 31, 2005

Why I hate Scientology

Now first let me say I know this story is based on a gossip type article but please hear me out first.

First off scientology is NOT a religion. Anyone who believes so is just nuts which also means you are a scientologist. Second does anyone else find it out that when you "choose" to become a scientologist you are monitored 24/7? Seriously what is that all about? Now I know scientology purposely tries to recruit celebrities to get their word out but in my honest opinion Tom Cruise is a moronic mouthpiece. He spouts off at the mouth on any subject that goes against scientology thinking and uses evidence given to him by scientologists and only scientologists. Yeah that is real scientific buddy.

I also heard about how scientologist mothers should not make any noise, like groaning or yelling during childbirth because it might traumatize the baby. Is it any surprise that this "religion" was created by a man?? Oh and let us not forget that after you give birth you should not speak to the baby for two weeks again so the baby is not traumatized. Let me see how this works, as the baby is growing in the mother's womb he or she can hear the mother's voice, heartbeat etc. Once he or she is born it is submerged in utter silence. And this is supposed to prevent the baby from being traumatized?? Oh yeah I see how that works. IT DOESN'T!

I am sure there are many other points I can make to point out the craziness of this whole scientology thing and in fact I probably will. So in fact I am going to entitle this post Why I hate scientology Part I because scientology is so damn idiotic that it deserves more then one post. Eventually.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Our Great country is filled with idiots

Okay I get that this is America, land of the bold and land of the free. We have rights which we are all grateful for and we show our pride of being citizens of the largest free country in the world. However, after reading this story I nearly choked on my coffee....

"Inmate Scott Bolton filed a lawsuit in September against the Luzerne County, Pa., prison and a slew of corrections officials, blaming them for the severe injuries he suffered in a 2003 alleged escape attempt, claiming that tighter security would have foiled his breakout. Bolton suffered spinal cord injuries (which have permanently confined him to a wheelchair) when fellow inmate-conspirator Hugo Selenski pushed Bolton out of a window, several floors up, apparently to speed their leaping exit. Asked a corrections commissioner, incredulously, "(An inmate) is dumb enough to act as a human mattress for Hugo, and (we're) responsible?" [Wilkes-Barre Times Leader, 9-29-05] "

Since when did the freedoms given to us mean we can abuse them? Aren't there some types of safeguards to avoid such blatantly stupid lawsuits. We have laws against everything you can think of but not to protect us from this bull? This is what my tax money is going to??

This story is why I am all for put them all on a damn island and let them fend for themselves criminal justice system.

Also did you ever see a commercial where some guy is doing something so incredibly stupid and your eyes are drawn to the bottom of your screen and you see the words "Please do not attempt" ? Huh? In my opinion if a guy is stupid enough to try and fight off a bear with nothing but a fish in his hands then he deserves whatever he gets! And if some dunce wants to shake a bottle of soda so hard then point that bottle at his eye then I say he deserves to lose that eye! Hello?!?!? Common sense here. So my advice for all of America to help make America greta again and not the laughing stock of all the world USE COMMON SENSE!! And if it is not too much trouble can we cut off the stupid lawsuits at the pass please?

Thursday, October 27, 2005

I Stand Corrected

Okay earlier today I was kinda down because I could not find anything or anyone to make fun of. Well spank me and call me happy because I now found both!! Enter Awwwwww a website about dogs you say, how cute!! Well hate to burst your bubble but the website is not so much about dogs but more FOR dogs. Thats right it is a online doggy dating service!!!! You can up load pictures of your pooch and find doggy buddies that you can make dates with. It even has a journal section so your precious playmate can blog! ................... Somebody share the drugs!

First off, let me say I am an animal lover. I have pets of my own that I love. I occasionally talk baby talk to them and I do buy them a lil something for Christmas. But for the life of me I can not understand this entire site. This is beyond pet love to pet freaky obsession that should be dealt with strong medications and strict observation by those docs who carry around white jackets with really long sleeves. Seriously people YOUR DOG IS JUST A DOG! It is not gonna log onto the net and found it's soulmate and neither does it need journal to share it's feelings!!

For those people who think there is nothing wrong with the site and do not find it odd that pet owners make posts pretending to be their DOGS please proceed to the nearest bridge and JUMP!

Thank you and good night :)


Okay well dang someone must have really pissed me off but my last post was just depressing. I don't remember what I did that day but I will honestly try to never do it again!!! But I guess that was my 2 cents for the day so what cha gonna do. As for today my mind is blank. I just can't think of anything to complain about or anyone to laugh at. Sad isn't. I miss the days when comedy or inspiring tidbits would just roll off my tongue with the greatest of ease. Oh well, maybe there is hope for tomorrow. Right now my feet hurt and I have a headache so I am going to sign off and hope for better things to come!!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

What is the world coming to?

Another hurricane is aiming right at the states. This is after Katrina and Rita. We also have major mudslides in Guatemala, typhoons, earthquakes and lets not forget the feared avian flu. Has there every been a time in history when so many things have gone wrong at such close intervals? I am hoping yes but also have some fear of what the world is coming to. Did we all really think we could live the way we do and have no consequences? Whether your a spiritual person or not you have to think that the things done would eventually cause problems. We have taken out anything positive in our lives. Morals are out the window and people seem to be focused on issues that really are no big deal but because those issues have been argued about forever it is considered safe because they know they will never be resolved.

You have video games where there are rapes and murders of women, movies have such blatant and pointless violence and even cartoons have ratings of PG-13. Cartoons! I am sick and tired of hearing how movies and such have no real affect on kids. Because a parent is too lazy to stand up to their children because they want to be their friends they allow them to watch and do what they want. Then they cry that they are out of control? Stop letting the entertainment world mold your thinking on what is appropriate for your child. It is not okay for them to play video games where they can rape a prostitute or murder a cop, or to watch a movie filled with sex and violence or to listen to music whose lyrics are filled with cursing and strong sexual language not to mention the music videos! When did these concepts become normal? Why is it so hard to raise a family now? When did morals become passe?

I want to be able to watch a show with my kids and not feel uncomfortable because of the subject matter. I want to listen to the radio and have it make me feel good not depressed. I want to turn back the hands of time so my kids can see how good life can be if more people actually take responsibility for themselves. I know, it is a big dream and seems impossible but for my kids I will keep dreaming and making sure that at least in our house they are free to be the little ones they actually are.