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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A face only a brother could love

As a Philadelphian I am amazed at the lack of coverage of how corrupt the local Philadelphia politicians are. The current mayor has done NOTHING for the city. In fact things have gotten much worse. He was elected based on scheme tactics and when he has been caught with his hand and his family's hand in the cookie jar it gets swept under the rug. Not once but numerous times. With the murder rate the highest it has been where has the mayor been?? Probably trying to figure out what he is going to do after this term because he has not done an honest day's work in his entire time in office . And everyone that voted for him simply based on the color of his skin, shame on you.

Now his lovely brother Milton has thrown his hat in the ring for next election. Milton must be a comedian because after his recent arrest for traffic violations he is suing the police department because they may have affected his run. Excuse me? Your conduct caused you to be arrested yet it is the police officers fault? Wow, like looks being an ass must run in the family. If this man even gets to run for mayor that will immediately speed up the process of me moving out of the city.

Monday, February 05, 2007

The Most boringest Superbowl EVER!

Was just me or did this game just suck? There was no emotion, no guts, no glory, no fire NO DAMN ANYTHING.

Although Prince has me confuzzled. How the hell does he manage to stay look exactly the same? Deal with the devil or just a really good plastic surgeon???

Oh well back to the subject at hand. My peeves as you will, Whoever choose this venue should be fired. It was horrible and not just because of the rain it just was bad! Then the players just played like they couldn't wait to get this over with or as my husband said like they already knew the outcome???? I mean the game started with a great return then..... I feel asleep till the commercials came one which were quite entertaining this year.

So the Colts finally win something so they can stop whining but the sad part is I will probably have to see Manning's face even more as he hocks any and every product that asks? What's next Maalox, feminine hygiene, erectile dysfunction???

Till next year football fans such a boring note to go out on but Go EAGLES 07 is our year baby!

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Friday, February 02, 2007

Punxsutawney huh?

So the groundhog comes out of the hole and VOILA Spring will come early this year! Early? What the hell winter just got here last week?? I better be able to throw a damn snowball at my kids and laugh while I am at it or someone or should I say some hog is gonna take a long walk off a short pier ya know what I mean??

Blah 2 months since my last post. Gotta get on the ball here. Plenty of people to bash. Fitting that I started with a groundhog I guess. Now if I could just find a nice graphic layout and don't go bustin on the one I have I made that crap with my own sweet and tears!