Eat My 2 Cents

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Verizon Sucks

Okay so I pay uber amounts of money to Verizon every month for my dsl service. Even more because I will not sign a contract. One for my cell phone is plenty thank you very much. So I am minding my own business and glance at my dsl modem and lo and behold it is blinking! WHAT?!?!? Instant withdrawal symptoms before I can take a breath. Yup, my connection is lost.

Not being a complete tech idiot I go through the routine of checking plugs, restarting etc. etc. Nope nothing works. Damn, I have to call tech support.
Within 5 minutes of talking to the "tech" guy I realize two things. One he is an idiot and two he is an idiot not located within the US. You have got to be kidding me, Verizon outsourcing it's tech help? So after getting completely frustrated with trying to explain my problem and this tech idiot firmly believes in the power of the script and refuses to budge from it I hang up and call back. Lucky me I get "Mrs. Tech idiot" who quickly goes into the same spiel as original tech idiot. I apologize for interrupting her but explain all that I have done. She asks me is I restarted the modem. Why yes I did. Her reply, "Good please restart your modem". But I just did. Yes that is good Please restart your modem and seriously this went on for five minutes. She then tells me to disconnect my phone line and I curiously ask but won't this disconnect us. Yes do that and call back. But for what reason. Reply, yes but do that and call back. I am now selling my soul for the power to reach through phone lines.

I disconnect and call back and have to go through the voice commands again and when they ask me for the 4th time what my problem is I am shocked as the next person that my answer is internet f&^@&@#^ connection problems. But I swear to you when an American accent picked up that phone I almost cried. I went through almost an hour of this and American tech guy immediately found the problem on their end and although it took a day for them to fix it, it only took 5 minutes on the phone to figure it out.

Next day techie guy comes to check wiring. He also comes in to manually reboot modem and writes down detailed ways to avoid having to contact "tech support" if problems arise in the future. Very helpful and got me u

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Does Israel know?

I find this highly ironic!

I wonder if anyone bothered to tell Israel and Hezbollah?

Friday, August 04, 2006

My Opinions count more when I am in a pissy mood

Dave & Carmen - Who the hell cares!

Kid Rock & Pam - They are both nasty so it somehow works just keep it away from me.

Ashley Simpson - Hypocrite oh yeah and your father is damn creepy.

World Trade Center Movie - refuse to see it. Are any of the profits going anywhere besides rich people's pockets??

Listener - Want to see Robin Williams do something besides make me laugh or have the urge to mow the lawn.

Iraq War - When is someone going to admit it is NOT working! The American people would breathe a huge sigh of relief to see that our leaders have the common sense to admit that and try another tactic rather then continually sending more troops in.

Mel Gibson - I so didn't see that coming. Yet oddly I am not as pissed as everyone else. Now I am not Jewish mind you but does Mel Gibson's opinion of anyone really make that much of a difference to anyone except Mel Gibson.

Generous Slot machine? - No the machine was not generous it was a mistake, give the money back people. Will the casino miss it, most likely not but you know you did not win it or earn it so it is not yours. Karma people Karma!

My middle finger hurts and I have been enjoying showing everyone my bad finger. Trying to find a house sucks and I have insomnia. Until things get calmer I will probably just get meaner. Oh boy fun times for all!